Custom direct indexing across equities and fixed income for
Financial Advisors

Brooklyn Investment Group is a white-label managed accounts platform for financial advisors and asset managers serving the advisor community.

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“Jordan Park is excited to work with Brooklyn to deploy a digital wealth management platform to empower independent financial advisors. Given their investment experience and technology, the team at Brooklyn is uniquely suited to deliver scalable personalization and tax-efficiency.”


Jordan Park, a wealth management firm, is an investor in Brooklyn Artificial Intelligence Research, the parent company of Brooklyn Investment Group, and therefore has an interest in our financial success.

brooklyn white-label platform

Scalable personalization and tax-efficiency designed for advisors


Personalize each client portfolio using either third-party building blocks (e.g., indices, models, manager-traded strategies, ETFs or mutual funds) or fully custom indices built bottom-up on the Brooklyn advisor portal.


Brooklyn automatically monitors each portfolio every business day for tax-loss harvesting and rebalancing opportunities, handling transition analyses, account lifecycle events, concentrated position selldown programs, and other common client situations.

Report, after taxes

Daily after-tax performance reporting for each client portfolio and client-specific benchmark(s) with helpful analytics are available on-demand on the advisor portal, empowering advisors to demonstrate the value-add of their advice.

Brooklyn advisor portal
in action

using the advisor portal
Creating a Target Portfolio
Assign clients to model portfolios or create custom allocations across stocks, bonds, ETFs and mutual funds for each client.
Investment Restrictions
Tax-Aware Transition Analyses
Account Lifecycle Management
After-Tax Reporting
Custom Index Creation

Key Differentiators & Benefits

Whole portfolio, personalized and tax-managed
of equities, fixed income, ETFs, and mutual funds in a single custodian account
BENEFITS to advisors
Eliminate workflows associated with rebalancing and managing cash flows to unlock time and cost savings
BENEFITS to End client
Potential for greater portfolio efficiency, tax and fee savings
Intuitive advisor portal
to customize and manage all households and their accounts
Daily monitoring for tax-loss harvesting
rebalancing, and lifecycle events
Tax-managed active strategies,
asset manager models, blended benchmarks or indices
Automated concentrated position management
and handling of other common client situations
After-tax performance dashboard with daily reporting
and attribution for portfolio and benchmark(s)
Multi-asset transition analyses
for prospects and clients
A.I.-powered custom index creation
with point-in-time backtesting
Enhanced direct indexing
using 130/30 portfolios and overlays
Algorithmic trading

Risks associated with custom indexing in separately managed accounts (SMAs) include: (1) SMAs utilizing custom direct indexing strategies may underperform other investment strategies and run the risk of loss; (2) tax-loss harvesting may result in tax deferral, but not tax elimination, and may also result in increased tracking error to the underlying benchmark; (3) as with other technology-driven processes, algorithmic trading contains the possibility of error.

For Financial Advisors by industry experts

We founded Brooklyn to help financial advisors create engaging client experiences and scale growth.

Over the past two decades, our leadership has served hundreds of financial advisors, giving us an intimate understanding of advisor needs.

Our team of thoughtful problem solvers includes experienced investment professionals, quant PhDs, and software engineers.

Brooklyn is backed by a top wealth management firm, global asset manager, global investment bank, and venture capital firms.

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Brooklyn is an SEC-registered investment adviser providing wealth management solutions to financial advisors.

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Investing involves risks. The value of your investment will fluctuate over time. It could increase or you could lose some or all of your investment. Before investing, consider your financial circumstances, investment objectives, Brooklyn Investment Group’s fee, and other expenses.

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